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We are grateful to several people for their voluntary contribution in creating and improving this site. We would like to mention a few whose contributions we cherish:

Sri Sankha Ghosh, Sri Alokranjan Dasgupta, Sri Dilip Mukhopadhyay, and Sri Debajyoti Datta have provided direction since inception and encouragement throughout the development.

Amit Debnath has designed the website to our ever changing needs and quirky specification. Amit is a professional designer and one can view his work here.

Debapratim Saha (Mithoo) has created the artwork for the site. The sketch of Tagore and the site name and logo are his creation.

Subrata Sen has allowed us to use “BenSen”, a Unicode font developed by him.

Sunando Banerjee, who has lent the resources of AnalyzeTech in designing the original site.

Sukanya Ray, who was instrumental in the first launch of the site and continues to encourage us in many different ways.

Arindam Sengupta, who is a friend, critic, and a constant source of motivation.