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1 (BID ME AND I shall gather my fruits to bring them in full baskets into your courtyard,) 2 (MY LIFE WHEN young was like a flower-a flower that loosens a petal or two from her abundance and never feels the loss when the spring breeze comes to beg at her door) 3 (IS SUMMER'S festival only for fresh blossoms and not also for withered leaves and faded flowers?)
4 (I WOKE AND found his letter with the morning.) 5 (A HANDFUL OF dust could hide your signal when I did not know its meaning.) 6 (WHERE ROADS are made I lose my way.)
7 (ALAS, I CANNOT stay in the house, and home has become no home to me, ) 8 (BE READY TO launch forth, my heart I and let those linger who must.) 9 (WHEN I LINGERED among my hoarded treasure I felt like a worm that feeds )
10 (YOU TOOK MY hand and drew me to your side, made me sit on the high seat ) 11 (IT DECKS ME only to mock me, this jewelled chain of mine.) 12 (FAR BELOW flowed the Jumna, swift and clear, above frowned the jutting bank)
13 (TO MOVE IS TO meet you every moment. Fellow-traveller) 14 (MY PORTION OF THE best in this world will come from your hands: such was your promise) 15 (YOUR SPEECH is simple, my Master, but not theirs who talk of you)
16 (THEY KNEW the way and went to seek you along the narrow lane) 17 (I BROUGHT out my earthen lamp from my house and cried) 18 (NO: IT IS NOT yours to open buds into blossoms)
19 (SUDAS, THE GARDENER, plucked from his tank the last lotus left ) 20 (MAKE ME THY poet, 0 Night, veiled Night!) 21 (I WILL MEET one day the Life within me, the joy that hides in )
22 (THIS AUTUMN morning is tired with excess of light, and if ) 23 (THE POET'S MIND floats and dances on the waves ) 24 (THE NIGHT is dark and your slumber is deep )
25 (THE BIRD OF the morning sings.) 26 (THE BEGGAR IN me lifted his lean hands to the ) 27 (SANATAN WAS telling his beads by the Ganges )
28 (TIME AFTER TIME I came to your gate with raised hands) 29 (YOU HAVE SET me among those who are defeated) 30 (A SMILE OF mirth spread over the sky when you dressed )
31 ('WHO AMONG you will take up the duty of feeding the hungry?') 32 (MY KING WAS unknown to me, therefore when he ) 33 (WHEN I THOUGHT I would mould you, an image )
34 ('SIRE,' ANNOUNCED the servant to the King, ) 35 (THE TRUMPET lies in the dust) 36 (WHEN, MAD IN their mirth, they raised dust to soil thy robe)
37 (UPAGUPTA, THE disciple of Buddha, lay asleep ) 38 (THIS IS NO MERE dallying of love between us) 39 (THE WALL BREAKS asunder, light, like divine laughter)
40 (O FIRE, MY brother, I sing victory to you) 41 (THE BOATMAN is out crossing the wild sea at night) 42 (I CLING TO THIS living raft, my body)
43 (OVER THE RELIC of Lord Buddha King Bimbisar built a shrine) 44 (THE DAY THAT stands between you and me makes ) 45 (MY NIGHT HAS passed on the bed of sorrow, and my eyes are tired)
46 (THE TIME is past when I could repay her for all that I received) 47 (I FOUND A few old letters of mine carefully hidden in her) 48 (BRING BEAUTY and order into my forlorn life, woman)
49 (THE PAIN WAS great when the strings were being tuned) 50 (IN THE lightning flash of a moment I have seen the immensity of ) 51 (I KNOW THAT at the dim end of some day the sun will bid )
52 (WHAT MUSIC is that in whose measure the world is rocked?) 53 (I HAVE KISSED this world with my eyes and my limbs) 54 (THE CLOUD said to me, 'I vanish'; the Night said)
55 (TULSIDAS, THE poet, was wandering, deep in thought) 56 (YOU CAME FOR A moment to my side and touched me with ) 57 (WHO IS SHE who dwells in my heart,)
58 (YOURS IS THE light that breaks forth from the dark) 59 (WHEN THE weariness of the road is upon me, and the thirst ) 60 (THE ODOUR CRIES in the bud, 'Ah me, the day departs)
61 (SHE IS STILL a child, my lord) 62 ('WHAT IS THERE but the sky, O Sun, that can hold thine image?) 63 (NOT FOR ME is the love that knows no restraint, )
64 (THE SUN HAD set on the western margin of the river ) 65 (MAY BE THERE is one house in this city where the gate ) 66 (LISTEN, MY heart, in his flute is the music of the smell of wild )
67 (YOU ALWAYS stand alone beyond the stream of my songs) 68 (SUDDENLY THE window of my heart flew open this morning) 69 (YOU WERE IN THE centre of my heart, therefore when my )
70 (WHEN YOU HOLD your lamp in the sky it throws its light) 71 (O THE WAVES, the sky-devouring waves, glistening with light) 72 (THE JOY RAN from all the world to build my body)
73 (THE SPRING with its leaves and flowers has come into my body) 74 (MY BONDS ARE cut, my debts are paid, my door ) 75 (IT WAS ONLY the other day that I came to your earth)
76 (TIMIDLY I cowered in the shadow of safety, but now,) 77 (THE WORLD is yours at once and for ever) 78 (TO THE BIRDS you gave songs, the birds gave you songs in return)
79 (LET ME NOT pray to be sheltered from dangers ) 80 (YOU DID NOT know yourself when you dwelt alone) 81 (YOU, IN YOUR timeless watch, listen to my approaching steps)
82 (I WILL UTTER your name, sitting alone among ) 83 (I FEEL THAT all the stars shine in me) 84 (DO YOU HEAR the tumult of death afar)
85 (MY MASTER HAS bid me while I stand at the roadside) 86 (THOSE WHO walk on the path of pride crushing the lowly life )